About Us

Humble beginnings: Adderley & team:

From the dusty streets of Tsumeb, Namibia's very own Adderley Williams has sought to make a change in the Namibian eCommerce industry and show Namibians that it's okay to shop online. Adderley, a performance digital marketer who has worked on some of the biggest brands in Africa has teamed up with young professionals from various industries in the country to bring his latest offering to the Namibian market.

Making a difference in the economy:

"I'm starting a business not only to move me forward but to move the whole digital economy forward as well." 

The aim is to make a change in the eCommerce and influencer space by starting an online platform that will empower business and pay influencers their worth. This will be a collaborative effort between businesses and influencers to create content that will resonate with customers and convince them that digital is the way forward as has been proven in some parts of Africa and overseas. 

"Why should our people have less than the best in convenience?" 

There is a lot of opportunity for career and talent growth and financial opportunities and that is what Thenga.com.na aims to provide.

Breaking in a tight-knit industry: 

Thenga.com.na is a platform that will allow suppliers to have their products listed and advertised by the best skill that Africa has to offer. This will be in tandem with showing the best in Namibian influencer and content creator culture while paying them a fair price to set a standard. 

"The hope is, if I succeed at using their talent to sell online then more brands will be encouraged to use our influencers and pay them fairly. This will allow them to build careers off their skill and talent."

Thenga online shopping:

Introducing Thenga.com.na :Your premium Namibian online store. Customers will be able to shop a variety of products and have them delivered to them wherever they are. Thenga.com.na not only houses products but services and travel deals too. 


There are different categories under Thenga, all of which are there to make a shopper’s life easy without having to jump from store to store. There are various categories such as liquor, food, tech, fashion, adult, travel sales, gifts, health and wellness, books and services. 

Deliveries (Nation wide) 

The delivery network is compiled of a collection of Namibian delivery companies aiding in the growth of the delivery service industry. 

Thenga.com.na will deliver nationwide and have location specific deals for services. Food deliveries in Windhoek will be within an hour. National deliveries will be available within 2 days depending on the location of the supplier.

Social Media:

Thenga is all about engaging with people while giving them convenience and the best products available. Understanding that there are different platforms for engagement, Thenga has deals for specific platforms. There are specialized deals catering to newsletter subscribers and social media platforms users. 

Customers can subscribe to the newsletter at Thenga.com.na. Thenga can also be found on Twitter and Instagram at Thenga_nam and Thenga Namibia on Facebook. 

"We encourage the public to follow us on our various social platforms because the more followers we have and the more visitors we have on our website, then the better the deals we can negotiate."